Scran uses a Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP [LAMP] stack. Fully committed to open source, our technical team has developed this further, with custom code, into a full solution which powers Scran and its various web sites. You can benefit from that experience by using our solution for your purposes. 

The solution includes a full back office with Content Management System [CMS], Database Editor, Page Designer, Editorial features and Corrections Admin for non-technical staff plus the customer facing tools of search, albums, stuff, create and pathfinders. This is a fully dynamic web based solution based on page objects held in a database. Furthermore, you choose what modules you want from a basic to sophisticated service.

We call it Scran-in-a-Box and you are using it right now.  Tested through real daily use on a site that provides at peak one million hits per day, it's robust and scalable. More importantly, it has been built to allow a variety of configurations and skins.  It can look the way you want it to.

It's also standards based with Dublin Core compliant data fields, and for education it supports educational metadata such as LOM.  With remote search facilities such OAI, Z39.50, SRU/SRW and with output using XML and RSS, Scran-in-a-Box supports the standards you need.

We also have extensive experience of integrating Scran-in-a-Box with other open source solutions for Customer Relationship Management [CRM] and Social Networking.


You may decide to use a basic system making your site fully accessible to the public with minimum support overheads. Or, as extras, you could have user accounts installed, adding optional albums, user storage and e-commerce.

Custom development is also possible: for example, you want facilities for users to tag the records or display comments and information - we can switch that on for users economically by using core features already embedded in the back office.

Use Scran-in-a-Box to do things your way.

Existing Sites using Scran-in-a-Box Solutions

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The Robert Gordon University Image Library

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